Case Study: Industrial Cleaning Supplies - Bootle
Removal Of High Risk Asbestos

Client: ICS

Asbestos Services were appointed by ICS Cleaning Supplies to carry out removal of high risk asbestos insulation board from internal office areas, prior to major refurbishment to the first floor level.

After initial consultation with the client, an asbestos R&D survey had been carried out on the building and an action plan drafted to remove all acoustic ceiling tiles under fully controlled conditions.

ASB5 notification process was generated for the HSE and removal works were programmed to start in January to be completed within a seven day period.
A live working enclosure was constructed to first floor level, with three stage airlocks constructed as a tunnel within the stairwell area. Temporary scaffold was used to access the high level asbestos safely, where the AS team used controlled wetting techniques throughout.

Once again this contract was carried out on time, within budget and with minimal disruption caused to the ongoing daily operations of the client.

Dave Coleman, Managing Director of Asbestos Services UK said: “All works were completed within a live working environment as business continued as usual on the ground floor. All removal works were completed in the given timeframes using the necessary high risk approach.”