Case Study: Former ATS Depot, Caernarfon (Commercial high risk removal contract)

Client: Marshall Construction

High risk asbestos insulation board was found in a former ATS depot that required immediate removal prior to next occupation.

Asbestos Services UK were appointed as licenced asbestos removal contractor to carry out the removal of high risk asbestos insulation board, alongside all low risk asbestos products, within a former ATS Tyre Depot in Caernarfon, North Wales.

The works were planned as part of a demolition scheme to make way for modern residential/business developments. The high risk removal works were programmed with an external enclosure to be erected to the underside canopy areas. A full enclosure was set up externally and direct DCU connection fixed to the enclosure. Site fencing was erected as a barrier around the enclosure to warn third parties of the ongoing works.

Once all asbestos insulation board was carefully removed, a full decontaminate clean of the enclosure area was carried out. All low risk materials including textured coatings and vinyl floor tiles were removed throughout the internal of the building prior to UKAS analyst attending on completion. The inspector confirmed all areas were safe prior to handing the area back to the demolition contractor. The contract was successfully completed during a two week period with a team of seven operatives based at the site.

Dave Coleman, Managing Director of Asbestos Services UK said: “Our expertise lies in both low and high risk works and therefore we are able to deliver a full scope of removal at almost any scheme. At this project, we utilised a large team who successfully completed all removals within two weeks, ensuring the site was safe for redevelopment, with confirmation from the relevant impactors.”